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Official Statement from Carmelo Garcia on recent lawsuit against Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Official Statement from Carmelo Garcia


“The filing of this lawsuit was necessary to bring numerous matters to light that have been ongoing for the past year. Throughout my life, I have and always will continue to be a champion for the peoples’ right and a better quality of life in Hoboken and beyond. From growing up in the Hoboken Housing Authority to working now ,as the Executive Director of the HHA, I am living proof  of the great things Hobokenites can achieve when everyone works together for the betterment of all.

 The egregious actions by Mayor Dawn Zimmer, her husband/de facto chief of Staff Stan Gossbard, and HHA Chariman Jake Stuvier left no other option except for legal recourse to remedy the hostile environment that they have created through coercion, intimidation, harassment, and political corruption. Furthermore, I refuse to allow Mayor Zimmer to continue with her racially biased social agenda that has affected numerous Hoboken residents to this date.  Any injustice From Harrison to Hudson, is a threat to justice for everyone. In closing, it's time to expose their hypocrisy & tell my story so, I look forward to my day in court to expose these horrific wrongdoings and have justice prevail not only for myself, but for ALL the residents of Hoboken.”

Grafix Avenger August 17, 2013 at 11:43 AM
You're welcome, dear Horsey. xoxo
Daria Gluck August 17, 2013 at 01:13 PM
Why was kenny at the lunch anyway? Isn't he the guy that gave illegal contributions and Dawn and Stan didnt return the contributions until they were notified and OPRA was drawn? Kenny of all people, a former state senator should know how much he is allowed to give, this goes both ways. He knew he was giving too much but like most people in town, it's ok until the shit hits the fan. I look forward to seeing where tis lawsuit goes, and the direction it takes. As for the city winning 1.5 million in lawsuits this year, that is a peanuts number. That is like saying you got 5k a day for a year. The parking utility brings in 3x that a year. Win 20 million a year you have something to wear on your chest, 1.5 mill in a year is something one could wear on their crotch.
I am Spartacus August 17, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Daria, are you really being so hypocritical as to complain about how many times the city is being sued and then turning around and saying we should be involved in more law suits just so we can win more suits for more money? Such a silly little floperative you are.
Hoboken Answer August 17, 2013 at 01:45 PM
Well according to the story in the Hudson Reporter, former State Senator Kenny was invited by the mayor's husband who didn't know why Carmelo Garcia wanted to meet for lunch near his job in midtown Manhattan. The $150 overage in question may in fact not be an overage in the $300 contribution Kenny made. More on that later but in the end from what I understand it's legal. So let's move on from the $150. The big story is Carmelo Garcia taping Bernard Kenny which he apparently did between them at the PATH station. He continued taping in his little set up of the mayor's husband. He was told he should follow the legal bidding process for a new counsel and work with the HHA board but he was apparently trying to circumvent it and negotiate an illegal deal. Garica's illegal approach was turned down. His offer to throw long time friend Ruben Ramos under the bus is fascinating and his attempt to negotiate for himself in personal power and gain. It will be most interesting to read more about Carmelo Garcia's operation taping people.
I am Spartacus August 17, 2013 at 04:19 PM
Hope that transcript comes out soon!


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