PSE&G Begins Remediating Former Hoboken Gas Works Site

Crews will be removing and replacing soil at the site between 13th and 12th streets and Clinton and Grand.

PSE&G began on Wednesday removing and replacing about 95,000 tons of soil as part of its ongoing remediation of the former Hoboken Gas Works site.

The site is located between 13th and 12th streets and Clinton and Grand streets.

The soil, which is being transported to an off-site facility for treatment and disposal, has residual impacts from the former manufactured gas plant that operated at the site, according to PSE&G.

"PSE&G is committed to cleaning up and restoring the site for productive future use, but the company is not the property owner and has no role in the property’s eventual future use," the utility company said in a statement.

The excavation and backfilling will be done in a weather-resistant, temporary tent-like enclosure.

"The enclosure uses a 'negative-pressure' air system that draws air into the tent. The air inside the structure is then treated through a series of filters and an activated carbon system, and then tested prior to being vented outside," PSE&G said. "The 'negative pressure' system ensures that both dust and odors are contained within the enclosure when trucks and personnel enter and exit."

A crane will twice move the temporary enclosure, which is currently installed along 13th Street, as excavation of soils progresses across the site, PSE&G said.

Trucks transporting the soil will be covered, and their sides and tires will be cleaned before exiting the site. Trucks will exit onto Clinton Street and turn west onto 13th Street. Flaggers will help direct traffic and pedestrians.

For more information, visit http://hobokenmgp.com, email HobokenMGP@pseg.com to receive weekly updates or call PSE&G at 1-888- 574-4835. All non-project related calls to PSE&G should go to 1-800-436-7734.

Catch Grand Street March 26, 2014 at 10:05 AM
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