Judah Friedlander Headlines Hoboken Comedy Festival, Says that 'Jersey is Cool'

The stand up comedian will be performing on Sunday Oct. 14 as part of the third annual Hoboken Comedy Festival.

Judah Friedlander, well known stand up comedian as well as self-proclaimed world champ at everything, doesn't understand why people make fun of New Jersey.

"I don't get it, Jersey got awesome diners. Tons of strip clubs. Good soccer," Friedlander said in a recent interview. "Jersey is cool."

Friedlander brings his stand up to the Garden State a couple of times a month and on Sunday October 14, he will perform at the Kolo Club on the last night of the Hoboken Comedy Festival.

Hobokenite Dan Frigolette, comedian and organizer of the five-day event is trying to bring comedy to town and put the Hoboken Comedy Festival on the map. Friedlander, who has been doing stand up since 1989 and stars on NBC's 30 Rock, is one of the comedians who is helping Frigolette do so.

Friedlander will be bringing new material to Hoboken. In fact, not one show is the same.

"Every night, I do new jokes," said Friedlander, usually wearing a bright yellow "World Champion" t-shirt and a trucker hat during his performances. "I want to give people an experience exclusive to that night only."

A recent New York Times article stated that "he makes audience members feel as if they are part of the act."

And that's not always easy.

"Being a good stand up," Friedlander said, "you can’t shortcut your way into."

"Stand up is its own thing," he added. "It's meant to be experienced live. In that moment." Friedlander can also be seen as Frank Russitano on NBC's 30 Rock on Thursdays. The show's seventh, and last, season began last week.

When asked which comedians or television shows he likes to watch, Friedlander said he doesn't watch a lot of television.

"I work at night," he said. "Right now, I have two jobs: full time standup and I also do 30 Rock ... I work seven days a week."

And although he doesn't really watch other people's stand up ("Comics usually do their own thing, it’s not a team sport."), Friedlander said he is excited about the line up on the night he's performing.

What to expect on Sunday? That's for the audience to find out. But the world champion will discuss a lot of topics.

"Just greatness, my presidential campaign," Friedlander said. "I’ll be talking about a lot of stuff ...  about karate."

Judah Friedlander is playing at the Kolo Club on Sunday Oct. 14, the last night of the Hoboken Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.


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