1-Hour Alcohol Delivery Service Arrives in Hoboken

Ultra partners with local stores to quickly bring booze to your door.

Ultra, the only service that can deliver alcoholic beverages from liquor stores within an hour, launched last week in Hoboken and Jersey City in beta. 

Ultra is the first company in Hoboken and Jersey City to offer sub-one hour delivery service for alcohol and will soon offer the broadest selection of wine, beer and spirits selection in the area.

Originally launched in New York City, Ultra has combined the convenience of delivery with the availability of thousands of products from local liquor stores to revolutionize how people buy and consume alcohol. All orders are processed and delivered by the local liquor stores. This minimizes the long delivery time normally associated with the online wine and liquor purchases.

Ultra selects liquor store partners that provide stock large number of products and provide fast delivery turnaround. The service quickly became a favorite among New Yorkers for its convenience, speed and selection.

Hoboken and Jersey City area is one of the first of 15 cities Ultra plans to expand into by the end of 2014.

"We look for urban areas with tech-savvy and gastronomically inclined consumers who value convenience," said Aniket Shah, CEO and founder of Ultra. "Hoboken and Jersey City fits the bill. We're really excited to expand our footprint. There's a lot more to come."

Consumers can visit www.orderultra.com and enter their zip to get started with delivery and sign up for their free Ultra accounts.

Rory Chadwick June 30, 2014 at 02:57 PM
Forgive me for saying this but this wont last a month in NJ. Just 2 weeks ago someone snitched on a local liquor store in Hoboken and made a complaint to the state ABC because the store was using employees not immediate family members of the business to deliver. Other rules stated by the ABC were the car used had to be owned by the business and alcohol could not be delivered by foot or bike and the delivery people had to be over 21. The only allowable form to deliver in town is by the owner of the establishment or his family and must be a car associated with the owner. Since someone ratted out this other store, they will rat this Ultra thing as well. Unless the city drafts an ordinance, then Ultra will be in violation of state ABC laws.
Laurie Michelson July 01, 2014 at 07:16 AM
The link doesn't work anyway. It's interesting this article was right below the top 20 cities in NJ with alcoholism problems. JC was #1 I guess Hoboken is competing for it.


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