Anthropologie Coming to Washington Street in April

The clothing store will fill the old Blockbuster site.

Anthropologie is looking to open its doors in Hoboken in April.

The clothing store is coming to the former Blockbuster site at 412 Washington St., according the broker of the deal, Ron Zimmerman.

Renovations are currently going on at the 7500 square feet space.

The long-term lease was completed in late November, Zimmerman said. "They're investing in Hoboken," he added. The lease is at least 10 years.

Negotiations had been going on for a while.

Blockbuster Video, the previous tenant, closed in March 2011.

Zimmerman called the arrival of the women's clothing store an "incredible boost" to Hoboken.

Zimmerman, who works for RE/MAX Goald Coast realty and has been a realtor for three decades, said that multiple restaurants expressed interest in the space. But, because of the residents upstairs, that wasn't a good fit.

"This is an even better fit than a restaurant," Zimmer said. "We're very pleased to bring this to Hoboken."

CuriousGal January 10, 2013 at 02:43 PM
More national chains, less local character.
Journey January 10, 2013 at 03:29 PM
Well if only national chains are the only ones that can afford the rents, that is what you get. I've seen it in other towns.
albert ross January 10, 2013 at 03:48 PM
This is great! There are so many mens wear shops in Hoboken, another women's wear shop is badly needed!
Furey January 10, 2013 at 06:27 PM
I find that comment interesting, and self-defeating. I think most residents agree we don't want to see Washington Street turn into the equivalent of a Food Court at Newport Mall, with national-chains up and down the street to serve all our suburban mecca interests. Olive Garden, TGI Fridays and Old Navy are next! Agreed. Bad. But of, say, 100 or so restaurants in Hoboken, I would say that there are only about a handful of those that deserve the word "Great": Augustino's, Karma Kafe, Cucharamama, Anthony David's, La Isla, Amanda's - to name a few. The majority of restaurants and shops we have in town are mediocre. There's not one single men's shop for clothing that I have had any interest in shopping in at all. I cannot comment on women's shops but more often than not I have heard that they are overpriced, and if overpriced means, "character" then yes - we have a lot of such places in our town which have "character". I will shop locally to support good restaurants and shops. But they are so few and far between here.
The Hoboken Howitzer January 10, 2013 at 09:02 PM
Would you rather an empty store front be the local character?
puzzledone January 11, 2013 at 01:38 AM
More? I read in the article that this replaced a Blockbuster, seems we are net zero on this particular change.
QJ201 January 11, 2013 at 02:59 PM
Of course those living in the multimillion condos above the store don't want to smell restaurant food! Of course the landlord clearly doesn't need the money for the store rent since it has sat there vacant for so long...a town wide problem. Yes blockbuster went bust, but too many other business close down because the rent got jacked...and then the store front sits there empty for months on end...so cleary the landlords are struggling if they can forgo rental income for months on end. We really could use a good moderately priced "army-navy" store where men could go and buy underwear, socks, dress shirts, khaki's, etc.
I am Spartacus January 11, 2013 at 05:36 PM
I doubt there are any multimillion dollar condos above that store and if you want cheap clothing, try Cheap Maggie's or one of the many mass merchants a short walk away in JC.
tony January 12, 2013 at 10:42 AM
Congrats Ron! This will be a great addition to draw retail shoppers back to Washington Street.


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