Go Vegetarian at Maoz

Delightfully delicious and healthy fare abounds at Maoz Vegetarian.

There's a brand new way to go green and get your veggies on Washington Street and its name is Maoz Vegetarian.

Maoz is an international (originally Dutch) chain of tiny vegetarian fast food restaurants. There are seven in the states so far, as well as locations in Spain, The Netherlands, France and the UK.

I arrived on a Sunday afternoon to check out the scene and cuisine and was met by a very friendly staff and a brightly colored and pleasant atmosphere.

Maoz's menu is based around the falafel and extends outward to signature salads and sauces.  My companion and I decided to order a variety of items to share.

We started with the Salad Box With Falafel ($8.35). The Salad Box With Falafel is essentially four falafel balls atop a crisp bed of romaine lettuce.  What makes it special is its customizable element: a salad bar with a wide variety of vegetables, legumes and sauces to choose from. These items are included in the price of the salad box, though it is extra ($.75-$1.00) if you want to add hummus, feta cheese, avocado or babaganoush.

The falafel itself was crunchy and flavorful, though not very hot.  The salad bar add-ons were delightful and the clear dish highlight. Our salad customization included: pickled baby eggplant, which was bright fuschia in color and absoultely delicious, fried broccoli, which was a whole new (and excellent) take on an already favorite vegetable, and red cabbage salad which provided bulk and extra crunch to the already crunchy salad.

Also of note, was the worth-going-back-for-alone Spicy Hot Green Chili Sauce. Very spicy and very, very good.

Next up, we tried a cup of the lentil soup ($3.75).  This lentil soup was more like a lentil stew, in that it was very thick and hearty.  Chunks of carrot and celery were peppered throughout the soup and the lentils were whole, not pureed.  Nicely done.

Finally, we sampled the extremely delicious, served in a paper cone, belgian fries ($3.25). The fries were salty and crunchy and all the good things that fries should be.  We dipped them in ketchup, salsa and, yes, the spicy green chili sauce.  I recommend you do the same.

Maoz Vegetarian (315 Washington Street) is open seven days a week from 11am to 11pm. Free delivery is available anywhere in Hoboken.


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