Lt. Governor, Other Officials Symbolically Open Hoboken Hospital

Although the sale was official already, a symbolic ribbon cutting took place on Thursday afternoon in the hospital's emergency room.

Hoboken, state and county officials gathered on Thursday afternoon to symbolically open the Hoboken University Medical Center since its ownership has been transfered to the hands of private owner HUMC Holdco LLC.

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno—also acting governor for the day because Gov. Chris Christie was out of state—together with Health Commissioner Mary O'Dowd attended the ceremony in the hospital's emergency room.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer, former Mayor David Roberts and several council members also attended the ribbon cutting. The hospital's new CEO Philip Scheangold was in attendance as well as several members of the—now defunct—Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority.

The new owners are still negotiating with several insurance companies, said Commissioner O'Dowd. Concerns have arisen that many Hobokenites' insurance will no longer be within the hospital's network and therefore not accepted in Hoboken. 

O'Dowd, whose signature of approval was the final step in the process of the sale, said that there are no requirements for hospitals that require them to accept a certain amount of insurance providers. (The state does mandate that the hospital accept Medicare). 

Guadagno called Thursday afternoon a "very important moment." Christie allocated a total of $16 million to the sale, to go toward debt payments and . Zimmer praised the Christie administration for its role in the sale, and looked back on " and ."

cassandra December 03, 2011 at 08:23 AM
My guess is that khoboken is an alternate screen name for someone else who posts on this site. Allows quasi simultaneous mudslinging and apparently rational comments. Standard machine propaganda technique.
Journey December 03, 2011 at 02:04 PM
And what is your other id?
InfotainMe December 03, 2011 at 02:16 PM
You mean like when Klaussen logged on here the other day as facebook101 telling everyone how to shutdown the Facebook page for Occupy HPU, then logged on to Occupy HPU as Hoboken411 and said city attorneys were trying to close the site? Ya mean like that?
BruceD December 03, 2011 at 04:14 PM
cASSandra and Jaberdonkey How sweet, a budding khoboken fan club. I am sure TS will love to join., Jabberpucky, love he screen name and what it stands for - jibberish. Please dont pee on m,y leg and tell me you were just "chatting" about the hospital when you did not miss an opportunity to randomly sprinkle your posts with the Axis of No talking points on the hospital, I repeat that I find it odious that anyone would try and scare people about access to medical services to try and score political points. Instead of yammering about the plans that are accepted, think about the fact that there is actually an operating hospital, thanks to TT and the Maoyor. If your friends had their way, then the doors would be shut and the taxpayers stuck with 52M. So go spew your jabberwock elsewhere. cASSandra - there is nothing to be said about or to the head cheerleader/apologist for corruption in Hoboken government. Now the tow of you, please go play with yourselves, exxcessively.
Jabberwock December 03, 2011 at 06:04 PM
....and look - Knthoboken can't spell/type: (m,y - tow of you - jibberish - exxcessively) - and dumb to boot, (knthoboken thinks she knows what the screen name means...so dumb, so pathetically dumb and the Kentucky Derby is a hat, right?) - Oh, wait, I get it. Busy trying to make sure there is absolutely no discourse of any kind. What an absolute insult to any sort of reform in this city. In the future, in the hope of maintaining some sort of reasonable discourse online, responses to this piece of mildew will brief. Suggest others in the online community follow suit so this cancer can be cut out.


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