New Restaurant Will Represent Jersey Pride

Little Town New Jersey is scheduled to open in early 2013.

Although Sandy provided a minor setback, Chris and Albie Manzo are still looking to open their restaurant Little Town New Jersey early next year.

And while the menu is still being worked out, one thing will surely be found: Jersey Pride.

"It will capture all the little things," said Chris Manzo, 23. "It'll have a Jersey flavor."

Everything from disco fries to hummus platters will be served.

The idea, he added, "is to capture the little things" that make Jersey's towns unique.

"If you're from Jersey, it'll bring you back," Chris said, "you'll recognize every little thing."

The produce will come from local farmers and vendors, Chris said, which is especially important now after Sandy caused so many losses. "Jersey just sticks together," he added.

Little Town New Jersey will occupy the spot formerly known as Quays on Frank Sinatra Drive.

Chris said he hopes the restaurant — the owners of the Village Pour House — will become a neighborhood joint as well as a place to celebrate a party.

Chris, who also runs BLK water with his brother, said he wants to be "hands on" once the restaurant opens. He isn't sure yet how many nights a week he will be working there, he said.

But, he added, "as far as I'm concerned, every night."

Until the restaurant opens, Chris said he'll be enjoying Hoboken's many other bars as a patron but also to get inspiration for the new restaurant. On his list of favorites are the Village Pour House, 10th and Willow, Court Street and more.

"I like to explore," he said.

Albie, the older of the two, echoed his brothers sentiments about their new business venture. Little Town New Jersey is supposed to encourage not only local pride but also the local economy.

"We have pride in our state," he said.


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