20 Buildings Still Without Gas Service in Hoboken

City says PSE&G has restored gas service to most of the Hoboken.

There are 20 buildings in Hoboken still without gas service, according to city spokesman Juan Melli.

Melli could not say if the buildings were commercial or residential, or how many units were still without heat as a result.

Record flooding during Hurricane Sandy destroyed many furnaces and water heaters. PSE&G shut off gas lines to buildings in the flood zone until workers could come out to inspect them.

Melli said most gas service in the city has been restored.

"We've heard from PSE&G that there are units they've tried to inspect and they haven't been able to get access to the building in some cases," Melli said.

Residents who do not have gas service are asked to contact both PSE&G and the Hoboken Construction Office at (201) 420-2066.


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