Hoboken Mayor on Hurricane Sandy: 'Absolutely Preparing for the Worst'

The city is preparing for the possible arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

The city is preparing for the worst case scenario in the event that Hurricane Sandy hits the area early next week, Mayor Dawn Zimmer said during a press conference on Friday afternoon.

No evacuations were issued yet, but Zimmer encouraged Hobokenites to prepare for the storm by making sure they have enough food, water and batteries in the house.

"We are absolutely preparing for the worst case scenario," Zimmer said. "We're taking this storm very seriously."

The first effects of the storm are supposed to come in on Sunday.

Residents who live in flood prone areas on the first floor or in basement apartments especially, could experience flooding.

Hobokenites were also encouraged to park their car in garages, because "we are expecting flooding."

"We are in the process of getting prepared," Zimmer said. "We have reached out to all agencies."

The city is also talking to PSE&G to make sure power lines are secured. PSE&G has been in town to prepare for the storm, Zimmer said.

In the Housing Authority, which was most severly hit during Hurricane Irene last year, Executive Director Carmelo Garcia said that he is identifying those residents who are disabled or special needs, and move them to a shelter or a hospital, Garcia said.

There will likely be a call center in the basement of city hall, which will be manned by the city's Community Emergency Response Team.

Zimmer also put a call out for volunteers. On Saturday, there will be a session at 11 a.m. at 221 Jackson. On Sunday, there will be an 11 a.m. meeting in City Hall to recruit volunteers to man the shelter.

A shelter will be set up in the Wallace School, with—if needed—a back up shelter in the Hoboken High School.

In case of an evacuation, there will be volunteers going door-to-door to encourage people to evacuate and inform them on the dangers of the storm. But as of Friday afternoon, it was too soon to tell if that'll be necessary.

Residents are encouraged to sign up for the city's reverse 9-1-1 system. You can do so on the city website.


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