Hoboken Preps for Hurricane Sandy

By the time the storms gets to the tri-state area, it will likely be a tropical storm with a lot of rainfall and heavy wind.

The city of Hoboken is preparing for the possibility of severe weather early next week, when Hurricane Sandy could be coming to the area.

The city is preparing for the storm, "just as we did for Hurricane Irene," Mayor Dawn Zimmer said on Thursday. Opposed to August 2011, right before Irene hit, Hoboken now has a reverse 9-1-1 system in place as well as a working wet weather pump. While the pump won't be able to prevent flooding in case of a heavy storm, Zimmer said, it'll help the draining process afterward.

After Irene, it took multiple days for some of the flooding to subside. That would be better with the pump.

Sandy, currently a category 2 hurricane, could arrive in Hoboken as early as Sunday, lasting through Tuesday. By then it could have been lowered to a tropical storm, but between 4 and 9 inches of rain are still expected. 

Electric and gas company PSE&G announced it has been prepping for the storm.

"A storm like Hurricane Sandy has the potential to interrupt service," according to a PSE&G announcement. "High winds might cause trees to brush up against power lines, and lightning could strike and damage trees or pole-top equipment."

Another complication—much like during Irene—is that there will be a full moon this weekend, which will "increase astronomical tides," according to the Bergen County Office of Emergency Management.

Hoboken residents are encouraged to park their cars in garages, or elsewhere outside of Hoboken.

It's too early to tell if there will be a call for evacuations, Zimmer said. "I'll make that call as it gets closer," Zimmer said. "At this point that's something I can't predict."

demosthenes October 25, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Hurricanes are certainly important. Thank you for covering this. I certainly will keep reading Patch for updates and will move my car out of harms way. Speaking of coverage, the Hoboken Reporter ran a story a couple of days ago about four Council members filing a lawsuit to remove their new colleague from office. I'm thinking the Hoboken Reporter was mistaken since there's been no mention of this on Patch. Maybe someone with actual knowledge can chime in about whether this report is true or not.
CuriousReplacement October 25, 2012 at 10:59 PM
It's not true. Private school mom's making tuition bucks for Stevens Cooperative by lyin' our asses off - Dawn's legacy.
Hobbs October 25, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Hopefully hurricane Sandy will pass us by. Sadly it is true demosthenes huricane Mason and Castellano, Russo and Occhipinti are taking the Mayor and the Council Majority to court in an effort to deadlock the City Council. More.chaos and obstructionsim Hoboken MSV has the legal papers up for everyone to read.


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