New Youth Center Donated, Hobokenite Mistaken for Newtown Shooter and More Top December's Headlines

These were the top ten stories last month.

Hobokenite Adam Lanza was wrongly named as the shooter in last month's Newtown massacre.

'It Wasn't Me' Hoboken Man Named as Shooter Writes

Lanza wrote on his Facebook that he wasn't in fact the gunman, but that he was on his way to his Hoboken apartment on that fateful Friday afternoon.

Hoboken PATH To Open Wednesday [UPDATED]

Hoboken's PATH station re-opened this month, after being closed for almost two months in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Shoprite in Hoboken to Re-Open

Hobokenites were happy to hear that the Shoprite will re-open as well. The store sustained heavy damage in a flood caused by Sandy.

Doyle's Seat to Remain Vacant for At Least Two More Meetings

It's still unclear when the vacant seat on the City Council will be filled. Jim Doyle was removed after a judge's ruling that his appointment did not have sufficient votes.

Katie Couric Show Renovates Boys and Girls Club

A brand new youth center was donated by the Katie Couric show in conjunction with million dollar contractor Stephen Fanuka.

Hoboken Man Arrested for 'Tumultuous Behavior'

A Hobokenite was arrested.

New Church Square Park Playground Leaves Some Moms Disappointed

The much anticipated new playground equipment was met with some criticism.

Hoboken Police Recovers 52 Stolen Bikes in Jersey City

One bike theft ring was uncovered by Hoboken police. Bike theft is rampant in Hoboken.

Construction to Start on New Hoboken Waterfront Building

A major new development along Hoboken's downtown waterfront will be built over the next year and a half.

XJS January 02, 2013 at 01:53 AM
Great idea, first drag Ryan's name through the mud on the day of, and now almost a month later remind everyone of his name and existence. NOT COOL PATCH


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