PATH Offers Free Month to Hobokenites With SmartLink Cards

If you have a 30-day pass you're entitled for a free month of PATH rides.

Christmas might be over, but one more gift is waiting for Hobokenites with a 30-day unlimited SmartLink card.

The Port Authority is offering 30 free days of PATH service to Hoboken residents with registered cards. According to the Port Authority this is "a show of appreciation for the hardship the station’s lengthy closure caused them in the wake of unprecedented damage caused by Superstorm Sandy."

The Hoboken station re-opened for the first time last week. It was the last station to open after the storm.

Service is not yet 24/7, but the Port Authority has announced it will run around the clock on new year's eve.

Continued around-the-clock efforts are ongoing to restore Hoboken to World Trade Center service as well 24-hour service to the entire system in the coming weeks, the Port Authority announced.

The free SmartLink 30-day pass will be automatically added to the cards of Hoboken residents who were previously registered SmartLink customers with 30-day passes.

“We truly understand the extreme difficulties that closure of the Hoboken station put on our loyal resident riders,’’ said Stephen Kingsberry, PATH’s acting director and general manager. “We hope these residents understand the extraordinary efforts PATH workers and contractors made to reopen the station and will accept this free month as a sign of our appreciation for your patience.”

Please visit our website at www.panynj.gov/PATH for updates on service, or follow us on Twitter at @PATHTweet.

Eric December 27, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Thanks for nothing Mr. Kingsberry. I've commuted on the PATH practically every day for more than 11 years. I find one that a single metrocard is much more convenient for my needs. So I the message here is that if you don't have a registered card, you're not loyal enough and you can go f#@% yourself. Right back at ya pal.
boswill December 28, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Single metrocard more convenient? Weirdo
puzzledone December 28, 2012 at 06:38 PM
I don't mean to throw stones, but if you have used a metrocard, you are paying about a 20% surcharge over the smartlink single ride rates, more over the monthly rates (not sure what the latest math is, but I'm sure it's around there.) Given that the convenience you long for has cost you 2 months of commute a year, I think outrage over not getting a free month along with those who are in a different program is slightly odd.
David December 29, 2012 at 08:32 PM
I think its pretty ridiculous that you had to have had a "registered" SmartLink card. I appreciate the offer, but it doesn't help me at all even though I have used 30 day cards every month for years. When I spoke with the PATH service rep, they claimed it was because they don't have the ability to see the history of a card which wasn't registered, so they couldn't verify your history. Sounds like a convenient cop out to me...
MarkCrund January 03, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Same here. This is more of a bad publicity stunt than anything, and it's causing resentment toward a city (people in Jersey City are understandably pissed) as opposed to a mismanaged transportation system. After weeks of not setting clear goals and deadlines, being told, "When a SmartLink Card is not registered, we do not know where you live. Therefore, we could not issue the 30 day pass," isn't acceptable.


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