Sandy Caused At Least $1.5M in Damage to Hoboken Housing Authority

The recently renovated Mama Johnson field needs to be renovated.

The Hoboken Housing Authority suffered heavy damage due to Hurricane Sandy and about $1.5 million in repairs and renovations will be needed, according to an announcement from the HHA's spokeswoman Lauren Zisa.

Because the flood water in the Housing Authority was deemed contaminated, the authority's brand new soccer field will have to be sanitized and restored, a total of about $20,000. 

The heaviest damage was done to the authority's administrational building, which is expected to be closed for at least six more weeks. Ten generators were destroyed as well as boilers, alarm panels and elevator controllers. All playgrounds and buildings touched by contaminated water had to be sanitized, adding more money to the overall cost.

Two recent water main breaks earlier in the week which left residents of Andrew Jackson Gardens without water for multiple days, Zisa said.

"Mother nature is playing a cruel joke on us," said Executive Director of the Housing Authority Carmelo Garcia. "First a Hurricane, then a Nor’easter, now water main breaks."

During Sandy, many of the electrical panels and generators were lost, causing power and gas outages.

All power and heat was restored to the authority on Nov. 12, two weeks after the storm hit.

 “Many of our residents are already in need of assistance, whether it is physical or financial,” Garcia said. “Many have been unable to work and take care of daily responsibilities.”


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