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Weekend Service Restored on WTC-Exchange Place PATH

Weekend service will go back in effect starting Friday March 1.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has announced it will restore weekend service on the World Trade Center to Exchange Place PATH line.

While the vast majority of PATH service has been restored for a few months since the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, weekend service between WTC and Exchange Place was suspended until now.

Patrick Mchugh February 28, 2013 at 03:38 PM
ANOTHER OPEN LETTER ABOUT ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE! 2/2713 HOBOKEN NEEDS TO FIND SOME CLASS! What we need here in “Mile Square” is another St. Patrick’s Day Parade because last year there were no people urinating off their balconies or urinating out of their apartment windows on to the streets and the people below. A true sign of an up-scale community. Hoboken needs another day of the “walking drunk” to over-take our streets, leaving their booze behind in little puddles of dried barf, until a good rain can clear them away. And who doesn’t miss those sites of young men and women so skunked out of their minds that they literally have to be left on the ground because they have lost control of their body functions’ and no one can pick them up except the police or an ambulance crew. Lets see, last year there were only a few people who where threatened with rape while the year before there were a large number. We need to bring these people back to our community and make them feel wanted. “Ah bar-keep, give that young rapist there another pint of ale, me friend!” My solution is simple; give the people asking for a parade, Pier A Park for the entire day. They can march, sing and dance, drink and there will be plenty of Port-A-Johns for everyone to use and miss. Grow up Hoboken and get some class! February 26, 2013 Mrs. Dawn Zimmer The Honorable Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey Mayor Zimmer, A response to a previous open letter!
Susan Lazorchick March 02, 2013 at 02:17 PM
It is a huge relief for thousands that PATH trains are now running on their pre-Sandy schedules, and a huge accomplishment for those working hard to restore service. But I am astonished that there is no reporting on the lack of access to those services for those who are dependent on the elevator. This is especially infuriating as the photo of the flooding elevator shaft continues to be used by various media outlets to report the "complete" restoration of service. Until all those who could access the PATH train pre-Sandy are able to utilize the train, service is not complete. The members of our community who are disabled and/or have children who require transport in strollers have a right to access those publicly funded services. The idea that it will take ANOTHER FOUR MONTHS to restore the elevator is a huge burden on the time and money of those dependent on the elevator. Why aren't you also investigating and reporting on why it is taking so long to install or repair a one-story elevator? Sincerely, Susan Lazorchick


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