High-Tech Trash Cans Could Streamline City Sanitation Efforts

The city has installed a first wave of solar-powered, self-compacting trash and recycling bins from Pier A to Pier C to increase the efficiency of sanitation efforts.

Photo courtesy of City of Hoboken
Photo courtesy of City of Hoboken

Hoboken is installing 40 solar-powered, self-compacting trash and recycling bins along the South Waterfront, the first phase in a broader rollout the city believes will increase the efficiency of sanitation operations and lead to cleaner parks, streets and sidewalks.

“This is an important part of making Hoboken cleaner and greener,” Mayor Dawn Zimmer said in a statement. “We are dramatically expanding public space recycling, keeping our environment cleaner, and further establishing Hoboken as a leader in sustainability."

The initial phase of solar trash and recycling bins will span the South Waterfront from Pier A to Pier C, with later rollouts planned at Sinatra Park, along Washington Street, near Hoboken Terminal and possibly in other city parks and business districts with heavy foot traffic.

BigBelly Solar, a Massachusetts-based leader in sustainable waste and recycling collection systems, will provide the solar trash and recycling compactors, which compact trash automatically using a solar-powered motor and are equipped with an electronic sensor that wirelessly alerts sanitation employees when they are full.

The technology makes for a more efficient and sanitary waste and recycling system that requires fewer bags and reduces fuel emissions by limiting the number of trash pickups.

“The Big Belly solar trash compactors will streamline sanitation operations and allow employees to engage in other tasks due to increased efficiencies," Environmental Services Director Leo Pellegrini said in a statement. “It will keep garbage from overflowing, discourage illegal dumping of trash, and eradicate many animal-related issues due to the enclosed design."


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