Hoboken Employee Stole Items From Shop To Sell On eBay: Police

An employee of Hoboken Golf confessed to the theft on video and returned some of the items, according to police reports.

Hoboken police say an employee at Hoboken Golf stole items from the shop with the intention to sell them online on eBay.

On Tuesday, the owner of the shop at 125 Grand Street told police he's noticed several items missing in the store over the last several months, reports said. An employee found them for sale on EBay by an account under the name of a fellow worker, reports said.

The shop owner told police he wanted to confront the employee Wednesday morning within view of his security camera, reports said.

The next morning, the shop owner showed police a recording of his conversation with the employee who admitted he stole almost $200 worth of golf paraphernalia and returned to the shop to give them back, reports said. The employee said about $130 worth of items he had already sold could be taken out of his paycheck, reports said.

The employee has been charged with theft of movable property and will be given a summons, but was not arrested.


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