Police: 300 Bags of Heroin Found in Housing Authority Apartment

Angel Romero-Corraliza was charged with drug possession after a raid at an apartment at 221 Jackson St.

A 25-year-old Hoboken man was arrested over the weekend after a raid of his Jackson Street apartment yielded 300 bags of heroin, police said. 

The department's special drug unit executed a search warrant of Angel Romero-Corraliza's apartment and found six bricks of heroin, according to Chief Anthony Falco.

Police said they also found bullets at the apartment — 14 9mm bullets and 50 22-caliber — but no weapons. 

The search was a result of an investigation, Falco said. He said the police department cooperated with Housing Authority Executive Carmelo Garcia on the matter.

Romero-Corraliza was arrested at his home. Police said they found bags of heroin in a secret compartment in his underwear as well, according to the report.

Officers also took $212 in what they believed to be profits from drug dealing as well as eight cell phones from the apartment, Falco said.

Romero-Corraliza, a Hoboken resident who is currently unemployed according to the police report, was charged with posession with intent to use heroin, and possession of marijuana.

Gardiner4Freeholder May 08, 2013 at 10:40 PM
No interest in Assembly. Not interested at all in Trenton. County taxes for Hoboken are going up 10%. While Hoboken fights over nonsense the Hudson County rape of the Hoboken taxpayer continues. Over $50 million a year and little in services to show for it.
G-Ma May 09, 2013 at 02:33 PM
For those of you who are constantly badmouthing Carmelo Garcia hear this. First Mr. Garcia IS NOT expanding the Hoboken Housing Authority, he is building new buildings to transfer qualified residents to and then knock down the buildings that have been vacated to build another new building and transfer more qualify residents and so on. It is our quality of life that is being upgraded. Yes there are problems within the Hoboken Housing Authority, but not all residents are trouble, some are hard working families living here, sorry if they are not making six figure incomes to meet your agenda, some seniors, disabled residents and all are goodhearted people who would help you even though you would spit on them. You think these problems don’t happen in some of these luxury rental buildings, sorry to say this but it happens all the time, it’s just not as publicized. Before I retired I worked in one of these luxury buildings and trust me you would be surprised what goes on. Secondly, I once lived in Harrison Gardens and again you would be surprised who would come around in their fancy expensive cars and limos to purchase drugs. Unless you have walked in our shoes or have talked with us as human beings you cannot know what actually goes on. Take a minute to say hi to your neighbor and get to know them as a person, not a label, we’re the same as you, we just don’t make the income you make. We deserve to live in Hoboken just as much as others. Thank you and God Bless
Ojo Rojo May 09, 2013 at 04:54 PM
The plan calls for hundreds of additional apartments above and beyond the number in the HHA right now. That is an expansion. I suggest you go look at that plan again and then go look at a satellite image of the city of Hoboken and compare the two. Then you will see how much bigger Carmelo's plan is compared to what is already there and see why so many people object to this plan of his.
demosthenes May 09, 2013 at 07:54 PM
No one "deserves" to live in Hoboken. Where did you get the idea that anyone "deserves" to live in any particular place? You do deserve to have the HHA use its federal subsidy to provide safe housing something Garcia has not provided as the scathing back up generator report from the fire department demonstrates. I guess Carmelo Garcia has 9 paid weeks off a year and three public patronage jobs because he "deserves" to. Don't you and I "deserve" that to? Don't the residents of the HHA all "deserve" to have the same good fortune as Mr. Garcia?
epper May 15, 2013 at 10:37 PM
hmm lets all guess who is the ppl buying the drugs from these dealers??... hmmm I wonder.. bad mouthing the ppl living in the buildings, some of these ppl have lived there for over 30 years, have raised their kids and now their kids either live there or have applied to live in those buildings, AND o have all the damn YUPPIEs that have applied right along with them, they came and little by little are taking away what Hoboken really was a QUIET, CALM beautiful community where everyone knew everyone.. and turned it into what it is now, so please ppl DONT COMPLAIN!, you got what you wanted... enjoy


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