Hoboken Woman's Legs Run Over In Driving Dispute

A road rage incident escalated quickly at 14th and Washington Streets.

A Hoboken woman's legs were run over Friday morning in a road rage incident that escalated quickly, according to police reports.

An off-duty officer said he saw the 38-year-old woman get out of her Acura SUV, walk over to a Ford Explorer in the right lane and yell at the driver around 10:50 a.m., reports said.

The driver of the Explorer, 51, of Robbinsville, started making a left turn onto 14th Street when the woman jumped onto the running board of the car, reports said.

The car went about 20 feet before the woman fell underneath and both of her legs were run over by the left back tire, reports said. The officer said the woman went back to her car and waited for police to arrive.

The woman told police she was waiting for a break in traffic in order to make a left turn onto 14th Street. The driver of the Explorer waited behind her, honked at her and pulled into the right lane, reports said.

The woman "flipped him the bird" twice and he continued honking, reports said. The driver of the Explorer opened his window and poured out a water bottle on her car, the woman told police.

She got out of her car and approached the other driver, grabbing onto the Expolorer and threatening to call the police, reports said. As he drove off, the woman got onto the running board and held on until she fell off, reports said.

The woman was treated for injuries at Hoboken University Medical Center. Police said neither filed a complaint.

KenOn10 December 06, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Maybe they were both running late for a Mensa meeting.


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