Hoboken Wrestling Coach Charged with Lewdness in Hackensack

Brandon Kinney was arrested after an incident that took place on Sunday afternoon, Hackensack police said.

Brandon Kinney, a 28-year-old Hobokenite, was arrested and charged with one count of lewdness in Hackensack, according to Capt. Thomas Salcedo of the Hackensack Police Department.

Kinney, a coach of the Hoboken recreational wrestling team, was caught pleasuring himself outside of the gym at Hackensack High where he was for a regional tournament, Salcedo said.

The high school's resource officer watched the surveillance footage of the weekend and "came across the coach committing the act," Salcedo said.

According to Salcedo, nobody was with Kinney at the time.

On Tuesday Kinney was called into the Hackensack Police Department and released on a summons, Salcedo said.

GrooveRider February 28, 2013 at 03:01 PM
I hope the charges "stick" and he doesn't "get off". I have 2 questions, as the story is somewhat loose in facts. First question is was he thinking about kids or was a hot soccer mom making eye contact / showing whats under her skirt that made him do this? The other question is under the statute for lewdness in NJ you're only guilty if the act itself was in front of people who didn't care to see it, masturbating in the presence of no one is open to interpretation.
Redwing forever February 28, 2013 at 05:11 PM
Sorry to say but hoboken police need to ask the kids some questions to make sure nothing happened.


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