Man Arrested After Urinating on Merchandise in Downtown Store

Hoboken police arrested a 34-year-old Jersey City man and charged him with criminal mischief.

A 34-year-old from Jersey City was arrested on Saturday after he allegedly urinated on more than $500 in merchandise at Vic's News Stand on Hudson Place, police said.

Omar Bustamante was arrested by Hoboken police around 2:30 a.m. on Friday.

Bustamante entered the store to buy $1 worth of candy, according to the police report, until he started urinating on several boxes below the counter and nearby merchendise. Police said 35 boxes were touched by the urine.

When Bustamante left the downton store, he allegedly walked toward the PATH station before police stopped him, according to the report. 

Bustamante was charged with criminal mischief, police said.


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