Hoboken Man Found Unconscious After Alleged Assault

No arrests were made.

A 29-year-old Hoboken man was beaten unconscious Sunday morning around 3 o'clock, police said.

Hoboken police officers were dispatched to the courtyard of 320 Jackson St., police said, where they found a man lying in the street next to a light pole. 

The victim had "numerous contusions on his forehead," according to reports, and his shirt and shorts were stained with blood. 

The man told police that he was struck in the face and the head, according to reports.

He told police he couldn't provide any details about the assault and then lost consciousness again, according to police report. 

The man was taken to the Jersey City Medical Center. There did not appear to be any witnesses in the area who saw the attack, police said. 

No arrests were made. 

puzzledone August 21, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Yes. We all remember when the town was crime free, when mayors such as Anthony Russo and Peter Cammarano kept the criminals at bay, and the streets were paved in gold. Oh wait, I just noticed something about all of these 2AM crimes. You've got 4 articles over about 4 weeks. That's about 52 violent crimes per year, by some very quick math. In 2006, there were 115 violent crimes in town, including 2 murders. That's before the financial crisis, and the population is up by over 25%. And all the non-violent crimes, in 2006, we only had 2.9 non-violent crimes a DAY. We seem to be seeing at least 1 a day now. http://hoboken.areaconnect.com/crime1.htm I see what you are saying about the UNCONTROLLABLE RISE IN VIOLENT AND NON-VIOLENT CRIMES. Before Zimmer got here, there was almost no crime at all. Time to board up the windows. I can count one area where crimes are way down, though. We haven't had a mayor arrested since Cammarano, a parking director since Correa, an IT guy since Ricciardi.
CuriousGal August 21, 2012 at 07:00 PM
puzzledone--- My list wasn't exhaustive, just representative. Extrapolating yearly totals based on my post is statistically ignorant, disingenuous and erroneous. Figuring out a way to work in the names of people unrelated to this article, my post, or anything having to do with Hoboken for the past number of years is simply par for the course from the (now somewhat decimated but still functional) bully blogger brigade. People are getting beat unconscious in the streets and are being robbed at gunpoint and you can't get your mind off of politics from a decade ago. Scoundrel.
puzzledone August 21, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Sorry if it didn't show through my sarcasm that I don't believe you have any basis for the extrapolation of a few crimes that there is an uncontrollable rise in violent and non-violent crimes. I would say that the attempt to state that there is an uncontrollable rise in violent and non-violent crimes based on your cited facts is statistically ignorant, disingenuous, and potentially erroneous. The reason I worked in these names is these are actually 3 noteworthy crimes which took place in Hoboken, and your post worked in "Dawn's legacy", "failing schools", and "crumbling infrastructure." All of which are completely unrelated to the facts you cited. You say that I mention politics from a decade ago, yet all of these arrests were actually post 2009. In other words, give me a break.
Gardiner4Freeholder August 21, 2012 at 07:52 PM
Curious Gal- The infrastructure is crumbling because you and your City Council Minority of No will not pay for bonding to fix it. Your best buddy Stick Romano bossed by Stack refuses to help repave Washington Street. We don't have a traffic light yet because your people said no, we don't have a plan to repave Washington Street because the Council of No said no to the bond. Now, you surely must know the Bajardi's (I will assume that your are not lest I be sued as well) since even though they claim they are no longer operating as political operatives they sing/sung the praises of Beth Mason and the rest of the Council of No. They do share similar talking points to yours and prosbus. It is just an observation. The other posters who challenge your hyperbole and repetitious sanctimonious spin are not bully's even though you like to repeat that. For example Lane Bajardi in his comments to the press (Hudson Reporter) tries to make out he is some sort of victim yet when he spoke at City Council meetings he appeared to be Beth Mason's number one attack dog going after almost every Zimmer ally during his very public reign of error (in the past) . In another words you fall into the same pattern of being able to dish it out but not being able to take it just like that Lane fellow. Just noticing a pattern here. What the Bajardis are up to currently besides litigation will be bourne out in discovery.
cassandra August 21, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Ken Is 50 plus years long enough for you?


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