Police: Weehawken Man Assaults Hoboken Cop

The man had allegedly caused damage to a Hoboken man's bicycle, before turning violent at the police station, according to police reports.

A 53-year-old Weehawken man was arrested on Eigth and Hudson Streets on Wednesday a little after midnight, police said.

Robert Baker was charged with criminal mischief and later with aggarvated assault on a police officer, according to police reports.

A 50-year-old Hoboken man told police that his bake was damaged by Baker earlier in the evening, police said. The two had gotten into an argument and Baker allegedly started kicking the man's bicycle. 

When police arrived at Eight and Hudson—in front of St. Matthew's Church—the police asked Baker to come outside, according to the reports on the incident.

"What the f*** do you want?" Baker allegedly answered. He was evasive and uncooperative to the officers' questions, police said.

Baker said that indeed he had an altercation with the victim and that he had "kicked the s*** out of his bike," according to the police report. He then put his hands together to be placed under arrest. "Handcuff me," he told police. "Take me to jail."

Once at police headquarters, Baker was yelling profanities as well as threatening to hurt himself, police said. When asked for his property, the report stated, he told police that he was going to light himself on fire.

When a police officer walked into the cell to make sure that Baker wouldn't hurt himself, Baker lunged at the officer, pushed him against the wall, hurting the officer's shoulder, police said.

A phyiscal altercation followed and "it took every officer in the room to get Baker onto his stomach so that he could be shackled," according to the police report.


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