Sandy Damaged Hoboken's Fire Houses

More than 900 calls came in during the duration of the storm in Hoboken.

Hoboken has hired an outside company to clean out the four fire stations in town.

A contract was awarded — for an amount not to exceed $30,000 — to Polygon.

Hoboken's fire houses suffered serious flooding during Superstorm Sandy. The basements of the fire houses were flooded. The water was as high as seven feet, according to Fire Chief Richard Blohm.

At the Observer Highway station, three feet of water flooded the ground floor of the building.

All of Hoboken's fire aparatus was moved to the fire station at 1313 Washington St., which was the only viable station during the storm, Blohm said.

Much like the police department, the fire department was plagued by technical difficulties and failures during the storm.

Beside the massive flooding in three fire houses, the department's computer system was moved because of wind gusts, making communicating with each other very difficult, Blohm said.The fire dispatch had to move to higher grounds.

During Sandy, the Hoboken Fire Department received 935 calls for service, which is almost a third of the total calls in 2011. Some of the calls, however, couldn't immediately be reached.

"We had a report one evening of a transformer fire," Blohm said. The incident was called in from 83 Madison St.

"We couldn’t get within six blocks of that building to even determine if there was a fire," Blohm said. "We threw an inflatable boat into the water and paddled for five blocks."

2nd Ward Walt November 15, 2012 at 12:02 PM
A massive generator was being used outside the Mason Civic Center to heat hot coffee and serve meals to people. This same generator was industrial enough to keep Wallace School lit when it was evacuated, same generator could have been used at the firehouse at 1313 Washington St. Beth Mason's home which had full power and internet could have played a vital role as a command center for our community as well. Why did she not offer it? Her phones were working just fine. Across the street at 920 Hudson St, residents were grateful that our livelihoods were spared, life in our building seemed normal. I was happy to offer a place for my friends to use the land lines, internet, kitchen and hot shower. Beth Mason's home directly across the street from me could have been a refuge for many residents, rather than not use it Beth Mason found the biggest generator in town and completely misused it. Is there a dereliction of duty clause with the city? If there is, it should be used to remove her. She had every opportunity to bring order to the city and provide a makeshift multifunctional command center out of her home, and had a generator that could have service thousands, but didn't pony any of them up. Her house didn't even have one extension cord going to the sidewalk. I'm told her Facebook page was updated daily to let people know about free food and coffee at 1200 Washington Street and that everything she did, seems to have been done for publicity. Shaking my head.
recallbethmason November 15, 2012 at 01:11 PM
2nd ward walt, you seemed suprised by ms. mason's actions? she clearly does not care about her 2nd ward residents, she is all about getting the vote from the affordable housing crowd in the other wards for her run at whatever future political office she is hoping to get in the future. It is unfortunate that she barely won the last election and I can guarantee you that she will never be re-elected to any position when it comes to the city of hoboken in the future. But unless the citizens decide to recall her from office, we will have to endure her antics for a few more years. If you are truly upset by her behaviour, then I suggest you write a letter to the editor of the hoboken reporter as others have done in the past. it would seem those letters get communicated to ms. mason otherwise she does not bother to read her emails sent to her city council email address.
ThisMeansWar November 15, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Semi-official announcement of Beth's run for state assembly: http://www.nj.com/hobokennow/index.ssf/2012/11/hoboken_councilwoman_beth_maso_5.html


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