St. Pat's Cost The City More Than $125G

A total of 555 summonses written, 727 calls for service to the police and 25 people arrested

Three agencies—the Hoboken Police Department, the Hudson County's Sheriff's office and the New Jersey Transit Police Department—wrote a total of 555 summonses on Hoboken's St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, the mayor's office said Thursday afternoon. 

Hoboken Director of Public Safety Angel Alicea said a total of 25 arrests were made. 

The Hoboken Police Department received 727 calls for service on Saturday, according to the mayor's office.

The Hoboken Police Department wrote 476 summonses (154 of which were open container fines). It's still unclear how much money the city will receive in fines, because the penalties will have to be decided in court. Violations will also involve community service in Hoboken (also to be decided by a judge). 

St. Patrick's Day 2010 cost the City more than $125,000, Zimmer announced. This is last month. Zimmer said she intends to lower the costs of the event in future years. 

"Going forward, my Administration will be introducing a special event ordinance to the Quality of Life subcommittee of the City Council to address the costs of all special events in Hoboken," Zimmer said. 

The majority of the costs are comprised of overtime in the police department.

The Hoboken Police Department's overtime costs totaled $119,442.43 (1,829.5 hours). Supervisors worked 652 hours ($54,503.49), Police officers worked 1,130.5 hours ($61,882.76), and civilians worked 94 hours ($3,056.28), according to the mayor's office.

"They did an impressive job managing very large and challenging crowds to ensure residents and visitors enjoyed themselves responsibly," Zimmer said about the agencies working on St. Patrick's Day. 

Overall, the day was regarded as more manageable and tamer than last year, especially during the daytime. On the day of the parade, Mayor Zimmer said that she saw a clear difference compared to the prior year.

"Compared to last year, I think we swung the pendulum in the right direction," Zimmer said in Thursday's statement.

The entire police force, as well as roughly 50 officers from other Hudson County agencies, patroled the streets on Saturday, totaling roughly 200 officers on the streets. 

Last year, about 60 Hoboken police officers worked St. Patrick's Day. 

Earlier this week Police Chief Anthony Falco expressed optimism about how the day went. "The plan worked," he said. 


Police Department Overtime and Costs 

Supervisors: 652 hours, $54,503.49 
Police Officers: 1,130.5 hours, $61,882.76 
Civilians: 94 hours, $3,056.28 
TOTAL: 1,829.5 hrs, $119,442.43

Summonses – Hoboken Police Department 
Disorderly Conduct 38 
Open Container 154 
Disorderly House 51  
Drinking in the Street 77 
Jay Walking  85 
Littering  9 
Public Urination 41 
Selling without License 9 
Bar Card  1 
Rooftop  1 
Defiant Trespass 1 
Moving violation 1 
Obstructing  1 
Taxi Violations  2 
Parking Violation 1 
Underage Drinking 1 
Criminal Trespass 3 
TOTAL   476

Summonses – New Jersey Transit Police Department 
Disorderly Conduct 52 
Miscellaneous  4 
TOTAL   56 
Summonses – Hudson County Sheriff's Department 
Disorderly House 2 
Littering  2 
Disturbing the Peace 1 
Poss. of Alcohol 18 
TOTAL   23 
Total number of City Ordinance summonses issued by three agencies: 555

(The breakdown was reported by Mayor Zimmer's office)


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