Unknown Man Punches Driver, Shatters Window in Road Rage Incident

A 26-year-old Jersey City resident was allegedly assaulted.

A Jersey City man was allegedly assaulted in a road rage incident on Saturday morning. 

Around 4 a.m. on Saturday, police said, the victim was assaulted while sitting in his car, a Lincoln towncar that is part of the Snappy Limousine fleet. The driver's side window was shattered as well, according to reports. 

The victim stopped at Fifth and Washington on early Saturday morning, police said, to wait for a pedestrian to cross. Another vehicle stopped by his side, according to reports, pulling up by the driver's side. 

The driver of the second vehicle got out of his car and tried to get the victim from his seat and began to punch him in his face and body, police said. The alleged assaulter was driving a yellow Hoboken taxi, police said.

The alleged assaulter also punched the driver's side window, causing it to break and shatter while the victim was still seated at the wheel, police said. 

The victim described the alleged assaulter as 5-foot-9 with short, graying hair, police said. 

The investigation is ongoing and no arrests were made yet. 


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