Weekend Police Blotter: Three Cases of Simple Assault, But No Arrests Made

The weekend in crime

A 29-year-old Hoboken man was punched and kicked on Saturday morning around 1 o'clock after getting involved in a physical altercation at Hudson and Fourth Streets, according to police. 

Police said the man told officers he left a Hoboken bar with two of his friends, before they got into an altercation with a stranger. The altercation became physical when the victim was pushed in the back, according to the police report. 

After walking a few more blocks, the unknown man allegedly told the victim, "let's finish this one on one," according to the police report. Police said the victim was then struck in the head, before two other men arrived and a full-fledged fight broke out. 

An ambulance from the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance arrived, but the victim refused further medical attention, according to the police report on the matter.

No arrests were made.

A 24-year-old Jersey City woman was robbed on Saturday around 3 a.m. as she was entering a house on Monroe and Fifth Streets, according to the police. 

Police said the woman told officers that she had spent the evening in one of Hoboken's bars and decided to stay with her Hoboken-based friend. As the victim was letting herself into the garage of the home, an unknown man came up beside her, punched her in the stomach and took her handbag, according to police reports.

The woman's silver clutch with her Samsung cell phone, keys, a TD Bank debit card and a New Jersey Driver's License, according to the police report. 

No arrests were made. 

About an hour-and-a-half later, another woman was assaulted in front of 900 Madison St., according to a police report on the matter. Around 4:45 a.m. on Saturday, a 25-year-old Hoboken woman was sitting and crying on the Shoprite parking lot, according to police. 

According to police, the woman, who had spent some time at City Bistro, walked west on 14th Street, when she was approached by two men. Police said the men started talking to the woman, and one of them asked her if he could carry her purse. In order not to anger the men she handed over her purse, police said. 

After one of the men handed the woman her purse back, they pushed her to the ground—scraping her knees—and fled, according to the police report on the matter. 

The woman's keys, cell phone, debit card and driver's license were missing from the purse, police said. 

No arrests were made.



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