Worker Says He Witnessed Alleged Rape On Afternoon Of St. Patrick's Day Parade

No arrests have been made, but a man who works in the building tells Patch he witnessed the alleged sexual assault

While the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate parade, a man who works in the building where the crime reportedly occured tells Patch that he witnessed the incident.

The man, who works in the Columbian Towers and asked that his name not be used, said he saw two men sexually assaulting the 23-year-old woman sometime after 3 p.m. on March 5.

The man said the assualt happened in a laundry room on the eleventh floor. He said that he noticed someone was in the building and that his first thought was "Oh no, there are drunks in the building."

The man said he went upstairs to see who was inside.

When he approached the laundry room, he said, the door was closed, even though it normally remains open. He said he looked inside and saw two men assaulting the woman, who was naked.

The two men, whom he said both appeared to be in their 20s, ran out of the building when they realized he had seen them, he said. One had brown curls and the other had short red hair, he said.

The alleged witness then called 911. He said the petite blonde woman was shaking and appeared intoxicated as she exited the building.

He said the Hudson County Prosecutors office spent multiple days at Columbian Towers as part of their investigation and that the building handed over surveillance video. No arrests have been made.


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