Former Construction Official Sues City

Al Arezzo worked for the city for 39 years before his termination in 2011.

Former Construction Code Officer Al Arezzo is suing the city, the mayor and other city officials, claiming he was unlawfully terminated after a 39-year-career in City Hall. 

The suit was filed in Superior Court on Dec. 22, 2011, according to the complaint, which also alleges that Arezzo was "harassed." The complaint specifically mentions Mayor Dawn Zimmer,  and Assistant Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo.

According to the complaint, Arezzo was suspended on Jan. 5, 2011.  Arezzo is now suing for punitive damages, lawyer costs as well as his job back. The construction office is responsible for all construction permits in Hoboken. 

According to the complaint, Arezzo was suspended after not completing a mandatory anti-sexual harassment course in late 2010 and early 2011. The complaint claims that Arezzo was unable to attend the course on the scheduled times, because the state mandated he had to be in the office at those times. 

On Dec. 23, 2010, Liston sent Arezzo a memo and threatened him with disciplinary action, according to the complaint. The complaint also alleges that Liston "threatened" Arezzo when he, and his staff, didn't complete the training. The complaint claims also that no alternate dates to take the training—which wouldn't interfere with the construction office's hours—were presented to Arezzo.

Zimmer declined to comment on ongoing litigation. 

In 2007, Arezzo was under state investigation and documents were taken from his office by state police.

Arezzo, who started working for the city in 1972, was a civil service employee. His name is still painted on the window in City Hall's construction office. 

Bet Mazin January 26, 2012 at 07:28 PM
No emails? Whaddaya mean no mayor's emails prosbus. I told those guys in the fancy blue windbreakers you had tens of thousands of emails from the mayor and we could prove she politicized the website. Remember she put up the transcript of Mikie Squared at that Jersey City lunch? We don't want assurances, we want all the emails. Please download them to me now.
Bet Mazin January 26, 2012 at 08:29 PM
I've been watching some great WWF videos and learned some new moves from my new boyfriend, who I might add is younger than Ashton Kutcher. I'm responsible for the crashing Zimmertini Administration. In my mano a mano battle with Liston, I first challenged him to a duel but then put him in a headlock until he cried uncle. Then I threw him to the ground and finished him off with a pile driver. Liston is lucky my boyfriend doesn't go after him.
ThisMeansWar August 01, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Good news, Kimmy! Remember when you were using your Prosbus & CuriousGal IDs to weep over Al Arezzo? http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/former-construction-official-sues-city#comment_2301178 Mr. Arezzo has the unfortunate distinction of being a born and raised Hobokenknight. This automatically makes him a "less than" commodity for Mayor Zimmer and her administration. That he is suing the city for the shameful way he was treated is neither a surprise nor is it a unique situation. Liston's bully tactics of threats, locking offices and creating a hostile work environment will all be documented as this suit progresses. Very glad that someone is standing up to Zimmer, Liston and the whole thug crew currently in charge of City Hall--- Maybe Mr. Da Horsey or Nancy Pincus can post Mr. Arezzo's punitive complaint against Dawn and Mr. Liston on their respective blogs ;-) In fact you mentioned it lots of times. You’re getting sloppy with your cut/pasting now that your twinkie habit is completely out of control. You used ‘39yr’ in every post in which you whine between twinkies about the “harassment and punitive damages against a 39yr civil service worker in Hoboken.” So they’re easy to find. Here’s just a few…
ThisMeansWar August 01, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Kim using her CG ID: http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/mistake-made-in-fire-fighters-retro-pay#comment_2363890 http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/the-state-of-the-city-in-numbers#comment_2323109 http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/special-meeting-scheduled-for-wednesday#comment_2405420 http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/meeting-canceled-at-last-minute-after-councilmembers-leave-city-hall#comment_2363866 Kim using her Prosbus ID: http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/the-state-of-the-city-in-numbers#comment_2335083 http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/former-construction-official-sues-city#comment_2307480 Well guess what? Al is getting all the coverage he wants on MSV. http://www.hobokenhorse.com He got the boot and lost his license – just like you lost every shred of credibility since you were RedHaven on 411 and once wrote: “By the way, on the Arrezzo situation… if you know of someone who has been the victim of the Construction Code Official’s “tactics”, then you might want to let them know about this investigation. People who have found themselves on the wrong side of this guy should be sending their complaints to the state Department of Community Affairs NOW while an investigation is open, because Arrezzo has a way of getting out of these jams.” http://hoboken411.com/archives/5614?cp=1#comments Have another twinkie, you freaking hypocrite. Question: do you miss your last shred of respectability or has it been gone so long that you don’t care?
Hoboken1653 August 01, 2012 at 01:57 PM
This thread is HILARIOUS to look back at. Take a look at how Kim blasts Al on another site in 2007 but praises him as a Hobokenknight (WTF?) on Patch in 2012. And either her chihuahua ex husband or Kim's 2nd personality takes the time to chime in as well. Hilarious


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