Hoboken Housing Authority May Hire Deputy Executive Director

The resolution was added to Thursday night's agenda around noon on Thursday.

The Hoboken Housing Authority is considering hiring a deputy executive director, according to multiple board members.

On Thursday night, the board of commissioners was scheduled to vote on the position. The resolution was added around noon on Thursday.

The deputy executive director — which essentially would be the number two — would be in charge when Carmelo Garcia, the current Executive Director of the HHA, is out of town or otherwise unavailable. The deputy would be hired as a consultant, rather than a full time employee.

Garcia said he was "suprised" by the proposal to hire a deputy on a consulting basis and called it "unfair and unjust."

"I don't need one," Garcia said. "I was surprised."

Furthermore, Garcia said, the housing authority hasn't budgeted for the position.

"I have a CFO who is basically my deputy," Garcia said.

It's still unclear how much money will be spent or when — or if — someone will be hired.

The housing board was also supposed to vote on a contract for the auditor and its corporation counsel on Thursday night.

HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver said in a phone interview before the meeting that the Housing Authority does in fact need a deputy director.

"We have a lot of stuff going on right now," Stuiver said, specifically mentioning the Vision 20/20 plan and hurricane recovery. Stuiver said that Garcia's busy travel schedule has made it difficult at times to communicate with him.

Stuiver added that at least three of his colleagues support the resolution, potentially creating a 4-3 majority.

On Thursday, the board was also asked to vote on $115,000 in "not to exceed" amounts on several contracts, Stuiver said. Stuiver said that the lack of communication about such issues indicate that a deputy might be helpful.

HHA Commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez disagreed.

"This is unheard of," Gonzalez said. "I consider this crossing the line."

Gonzalez added that the board of commissioners is there to set policy, not to micro manage the housing authority.

If anything, Gonzalez said, "we need more maintenance guys."

The exact job description of a deputy director wasn't completed yet as of Thursday night. The vote on Thursday was simply to advertise the position, Stuiver said.

"There’s no real consequence in at least advertising the position," Stuiver said.

sam January 22, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Mr Carmelo is hiding he is planning how to cover all the holes that he has made. "What a honest person?" Corrupt politicians
bubbles January 22, 2013 at 05:04 PM
Now now, just because our buddy Carmelo was cited on ethic charges by the state, don't mean he aint trustworthy. What''s the big deal about votin to hire a relative. Whoopa! Contracts-a-plenty, on tap! Bring it! We need that cash for our upcomin election. Memo usin the HHA money to loan our peeps interest free money- priceless.
FireThemAll January 23, 2013 at 07:04 PM
There will never be change in the HHA until they fire them all and start fresh. There is to much corruption and mishandling of the HHA budget. Look it has been over 90 days since the super storm sandy hit and the people living in the HHA "Projects" don't have any heat still, and look at the below zero wind chill weather we are having.The committee is made up of pure scam artist. Yea lets build a baseball field and state change, bs there not doing anything down there but putting up some fresh paint jobs and calling it rebuilding. The HHA is even trying to enforce a force work program, stating to residents if they don't work for free for HHA they will be evicted. This needs to be investigated, these people pay rent on close to nothing incomes, most are disabled seniors, or single mothers with infants and the HHA want to force this upon them, can anyone say slave labor. So what do they want the poor resident to paint,clean up and rebuild the HHA "projects" so the budget money proposed for the jobs get pocketed. That is so corrupt, and the HHA board continues to get away with their corrupt actions do to an uneducated HHA resident population who have no clue how to fight for their rights or even speak english to be able to. Fire them all get a thorough investigation done, prosecute those who have wronged the community and start fresh.
pedro January 29, 2013 at 03:17 PM
I dont know whas goin on with the elevators they are always broken I wonder if ancase of emergency we will die before reaching emergency room. where is the money I pay rent
Showalter February 03, 2013 at 04:37 PM
Who is the real HHA Chairmen (jake) Lets see he is the same man who supported director Garcia from day one he was appointed in till Mr. Mello was appointed . He was also the same person to nominate Jean Rodriguez as chair women . All that changed when when former board member Maryann didn't vote for him for chair so what did jake do next he went out of his way to have an senior women removed from the board and still at this point jake was still voting with the director . Here come Dave mello an now all of a sudden jake has a change of hart . A part of being a man is think for your self and it is clear jake can't do. That hey he can't even support his family his wife dose that or he can't hold a job. Maybe he is mad cause director Garcia won't give him a job cleaning buildings but why he has never held a job more the. Two years. Last for anyone who reads this ask all of the board members living in the housing authority then ask the director the same ? And then ask the board members why do we need a dep director and make sure all members of the board tell u way they voted for a deputy or not I bet at least 3 members can't answer both questions then you will see who is really there for the resident and who is there for politics Director Garcia supporter and current employee and former resident family still resides in HHA


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