Nazi Flag In Urinal Part Of Roving Attack Ad In Hoboken School Board Race

Box truck turned into roving, swastika-laden, multimedia political ad; parks outside Council meeting

A Nazi flag suspended over a urinal by a fishhook is one of the images in a rolling, anonymous, multimedia political attack ad that's shown up at Hoboken public meetings twice this week.

The campaign features a rented box truck ringed with 82-inch HDTVs, each cycling through images as a man's voice narrates.

Another image -- published on a blog by Zoning Board member Nancy Pincus -- includes Councilwoman Beth Mason in a spoof on the original film poster for "Triumph des Willens," a 1934 Nazi propaganda film, which reads "triumph des schillens." Pincus first published the graphic in November 2010.

In response, Lane Bajardi — a former frequenter of Council meetings — juxtaposed it next to the original movie poster and heavily criticized Pincus during a Council meeting.

The nazi flag image first appeared on the Hoboken Horse blog, complete with a footnote that attributes the design of the image to Pincus. According to the post, the picture was originally published in February 2010.

The voice narrating the pictures on the truck attacks Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Council as well as Board of Education members for not condemning the online use of the images.

Pincus, Zimmer and Mason are all Jewish.

During Wednesday night's council meeting, Councilman-at-Large David Mello called the truck with the attack ad "obnoxious."

"It's not a very neighborly thing to do," said Mello, who is a supporter of Zimmer. "I just hope that whoever is responsible for it will own up to it."

Three seats on the board of education are up for election on November 6.

The truck is owned by a company named World Media Entertainment. Renting the truck costs $100 an hour and there's a minimum of four hours. Noel Torres, president of World Media Entertainment, wouldn't say who hired the truck.

It's not the first time the truck has made an appearance in Hoboken. It was parked in front of City Hall during a protest against Councilman Michael Russo. 

Brian Hurrel October 21, 2012 at 01:13 PM
Arrest the flier's sponsor for what? Last I checked, being an a**hole wasn't against the law.
ThisMeansWar October 21, 2012 at 02:48 PM
NoFan, I take it you are too stupid with blind rage to understand that you have just thoroughly insulted the Rabbi's integrity. Knowing GA makes him a liar? Why don't you and the rest of your exceedingly sick friends keep your Anti-Semitism to yourselves.
BruceD October 21, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Agreed. 100%
BruceD October 21, 2012 at 09:48 PM
It is time for the collective of Hoboken to stand up to Beth Mason and her check book and simply ask her – Have you no shame? This should have been done a long time ago. The fact that she has bankrolled a morally depraved political strategy based upon the usage of a Swastika is beyond despicable and should not be tolerated. She and her husband should be publicly shunned until they admit that their rage at Nancy Pincus has consumed them to the point where they have completely lost their moral compass. How they can even enter a synagogue is beyond me.
BruceD October 21, 2012 at 09:48 PM
Equally at fault is the entire slate of MF. Nancy has written NOTHING about any of them individually that could remotely be used to make some kind of deranged moral equivalency argument that the Old Guard and Beth Mason and her operatives are so happy to trot out. Yet these same three, Marketevich, Oland and Vasquez accept the midnight flyer and the Nazi truck and do not condemn the usage of the swastika in a political campaign. The only connection between Nancy and the BOE race is the attention her blog has brought to the fact that the backers of the MF slate are the same pigs who were feeding at the trough of the BOE as revealed in the 2006 audit. What Nancy has pointed out is devastating and yet nary a peep from the MF slate as to the waste and misuse of funds by their backers. So they hide behind a disingenuous veil of denial and allow the continued use of a disgusting display of a Swastika to deflect attention away for the fact that none of the three has any positive ideas about the Hoboken school system. These three are vile, simply vile, people that have no business holding any public office.


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