Hoboken is 'Most Exciting' Place in NJ, Real Estate Site Says

The Mile Square City lauded for its nightlife, arts and entertainment, parks and limited number of fast-food restaurants.

Hoboken's hopping nightlife, annual music and film festivals, parks, historical landmarks and limited amount of fast-food joints make the Mile Square City the most happening spot in the state, according to a real estate website.

Hoboken topped Movoto's list of "10 Most Exciting Places in New Jersey" released on Tuesday.

Movoto ranked the 50 most-populated places in New Jersey based on nightlife, live music venues, active life options, arts and entertainment, number of fast food restaurants, percentage of restaurants that are not fast food, percentage of residents between the ages of 18 and 34 and the population density.

According to Movoto, the city has a "fair number of non-fast food restaurants" and "when you factor in that the city has places like The Cuban Restaurant And Bar, it becomes obvious that this place not only has quantity, it also has quality."

While Hoboken's place atop the list may not be surprising, some of the others in the top-10 may be a bit shocking:

1. Hoboken
2. Palisades Park
3. Long Branch
4. Atlantic City
5. Trenton
6. New Brunswick
7. Hackensack
8. Clifton
9. Union City
10. Jersey City
Outofcontrol June 04, 2014 at 10:39 PM
Yup, Hoboken sure is exciting... If you consider getting your car ticketed, towed or booted to be exciting, you betcha! If you enjoy being over charged for food and drinks in mediocre restaurants and bars, you betcha! If having a guy get murdered in broad daylight on 3rd St last year is exciting, you betcha! If you really enjoy living in a city that floods at high tide, you betcha! If you get kicks out of greedy Realtors failing to tell you about local rent control laws and who fail to tell you that your landlord is overcharging, you betcha! If you get your thrills from paying some of the highest property taxes in NJ, you betcha! If getting your wheels removed from your car and finding it on cinder blocks brings you pleasure, you betcha! If you have an affinity for filthy streets and dirty parks, you betcha! Yup, Hoboken sure is exciting!!!
Hermes Wears Adidas June 05, 2014 at 01:43 PM
If people parked legally they would not get ticketed. Been here 11 years and no tickets. Parks are not dirty, I am there all the time with my kids. It's the trash like you that ruin the town.
Elizabeth Kroncke June 05, 2014 at 06:35 AM
All good points. So does this mean you are ready for thr burbs. I have helped many former Hobokians find homes and condos in the Westfield,Cranford area. Yes the commute is longer but worth iit. Beth Kroncke Coldwell banker 908 337-5971 Urban suburb Www.elizabethkroncke.com
Pops June 05, 2014 at 05:04 PM
@Elizabeth, pay no mind to OutOfControl. She's just a cranky old sort who enjoys complaining about everything. Everything was better "back in the day"...you know, back when two out of three mayors in a row went to jail for corruption and people used to be burned out of their apartment buildings.


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