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Hoboken High Drops to Bottom 50 Public Schools in NJ Monthly Ranking

The last time NJ Monthly did the study, Hoboken High was ranked number 187. This year it's down to number 298.

Hoboken High School has dropped significantly in NJ Monthly's biennial ranking of the state's public schools. 

While in 2010—the last time the study was done—Hoboken's high school ranked number 187 out of 328, this year it's down to number 298. 

The data upon which the magazine bases its research, are based on the Department of Education most recent report cards.

According to the statistics used by the magazine, Hoboken High's percentage of students who are proficient or advanced in language—based on High School Proficiency Assessment test scores—is 2.1 percent. In math, it's 1.4 percent of students who are either proficient or advanced. 

Twelfth grade enrollment is 150 students. The school's average class size is 20 students. 

Superintendent Dr. Mark Toback was not immediately available on Tuesday afternoon to comment on the newly released rankings.

The graduation rate of the high school is 81.99 percent, according to the ranking. New Providence High—the number one in the state—is 97.7 percent. New Providence ranked so high, according to the magazine, because of increased test scores and smaller class sizes. 

The average combined SAT score at HHS is 1157. For the top three ranked public schools in the state, this score is between 1730 and 1820.

The Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy in Elizabeth closes the list at number 328 and a graduation rate of 53.55 percent.

puzzledone August 24, 2012 at 02:59 PM
CG, why is it that when Chris Christie bailed out the hospital deal, you bragged about the minority saving the city $5 million, but now you are complaining about state and federal dollars paid to our schools? Are you saying we should give those funds back, I doubt the state and feds would cut taxes if we did, probably just fall out of another hole in the leaky bucket. If we can't lower the levee more than a relatively inconsequential $300,000 (you weren't too concerned when $1 million in quarters went missing, so I don't think $300K should bother you that much), we shouldn't bond, instead we should pay for everything out of a surplus that was already used to pay down the garage, we can't cut police or fire, or any other services, then what do you suggest we do in order to lower the tax burden on our town?
David A. Liebler August 24, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Pied Piper, you must work within to be this clueless. "While in 2010—the last time the study was done—Hoboken's high school ranked number 187 out of 328, this year it's down to number 298." THINGS ARE REALLY TURNING AROUND QUICKLY. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!!
CuriousGal August 30, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Today we learn that the Zimmer supported Kids First majority Hoboken School District is the LEAST ATTRACTIVE DISTRICT in the United States. Who says that? Not any enemies of Dawn. Not any anonymous bloggers. No, the Wall Street Journal says it: http://blogs.wsj.com/developments/2012/08/28/biggest-back-to-school-purchase-a-new-home/ Tough week. NJ Monthly notes an over 100 place drop in state rankings for the high school and the Wall Street Journal calls us the least attractive school district in the USA. Thankfully we have Dr. Toback and Scotty to tell us everything is on track and AOK.
CuriousGal September 02, 2012 at 04:17 AM
When Scott M. Siegel says "KF has cut the budget to almost the lowest level possible" he confuses the yearly BOE budget with the minimum levy the municipality must appropriate to be in compliance with Abbott. Like all other Abbott districts, by NJ State law, Hoboken must spend at least a determined amount determined by a formula ($36 million in the case of Hoboken) on the education of its students. The actual budget for 2012-2013 is about $63.1 million. Only Scott Siegel will argue til he's blue in the face that $36 million is $63.1 million dollars.
Libby October 08, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Why isn't anyone talking about the parents responsibility? There's nothing wrong with the buildings, nothing wrong with the teachers, nothing wrong with the young students starting out... Everything wrong with the parental role models. There is a mentality that you aren't supposed yo work to earn something, your supposed to be given ... They learn that from their patents. Uniforms and strict rules and displine in the grade schools is how yo change the high school. At Connors there's a sign in cafeteria " no running on tables" at Hoboken charter volume of dpeech at lunch has to be in s quiet voice and if not it will be a dilent lunch. Just an example of what parents want. Connors parents have no respect for authority, they don't want s better life for thier children unless you want yo just hand it to them. Put the blame where it belongs on the shoulders of the parents.


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