Hoboken High School Has a New Vice Principal

The School Board appointed Eric Boateng earlier this week.

The Hoboken Board of Education appointed Eric Boateng as the new vice principal of the Hoboken High School. 

The school board approved Boateng's appointment 6-3. 

Peter Biancamano, one of the three board members voting "no," said he couldn't say why he voted against the appointment, because the matter was discussed in closed session.

Carmelo Garcia and Frances Rhodes Kearns also voted against.

Boateng will make an annual $121,160 in his position. 

Adrienne Johnson January 28, 2013 at 06:58 PM
It seems to me that this seems personal more than what I good for kids. I think your information Curious Gal is wrong. Mr. Boateng is being targeted why? I say it is important to see the work before we criticize. I am born and breed in Hoboken. I am not saying that Mr. Ramos did not do a good job, I am saying there was a process. What we need to discuss is why the high school lost ground. We are one of the lowest ranked schools in the state. That is what should be discussed. I say the jury is out. We cannot Judge Mr. Boateng yet because he has not started in his position.
CuriousGal January 29, 2013 at 01:34 AM
Mr. Boateng was Vice Principal at Chancellor Avenue Elementary School. A K-5 school. A school with a 20% proficiency rate in student achievement. Mr. Boateng is not being targeted. The process and people involved in hiring Mr. Boateng is being questioned. The reason the high school is one of the lowest ranked in the state is having 4 principals since February of 2010 plus numerous vice-principals and a lackluster tired interim principal. Seems like the strategy is keep playing musical chairs with school/district leadership so the district is always in a state of "looking forward" and in the process of "change" and never accountable for the dismal performance of objective student achievement scores over the past 4 years-- to say nothing about discipline, drop out rates, SAT scores, etc... A little research would show that Mr. Boateng was the vice-principal at the same school in Newark where Gerald Fitzhugh was principal (current Connors Principal taking the place of previous "new principal" who was hired in 2010). Friends of Tamika and Hernandez-- the Newark School District now has at least 5 ex-partiots in school/district leadership roles. No one is targeting Mr. Boateng-- the target is the Kids First board and the "friends of Hernandez" $120K+ employment agency the Hoboken taxpayers are funding.
Redwing forever February 05, 2013 at 04:05 PM
So he has never worked in a High School, and i guess he knows some one god help the kids and tax payers of Hoboken. and Newark schools must be happy get rid of dead waight.
Progress KID February 09, 2013 at 03:00 AM
You do not even know the guy or the experience he has. Give him a chance and let him show you what he can do.It is all about the kids not your feelings.Afterall the school is all the way at the bottom. Maybe he has a lot to offer and tha's why he was hired. Give him a chance. Progress
Here We Go! February 10, 2013 at 07:50 PM
Yes, this guy has a lot to offer. Like being a transplant for Hernandez and his goofy little friend down in Connors, Fitzhugh, who dresses like its opening night at the Apollo. This guy Boeteng only got his job because he knows Tamika, Hernandez, Fitzhugh, Norcia, and the host of Newark refugees. Jesus, these people multiply like roaches. They would never be hired in another school district, except here. Because Kids First is intent on destroying the School District for vouchers. Kids First hired all these people from a failing district and failing schools. Jesus, Toback is a Kids First puppet. It got so bad that TM had to jump ship because she knew she would not be elected to any other position in town because her friends have destroyed the school district. I could see if they were hired from successful districts but No, we took the garbage from Essex County.


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