Hoboken Schools May Go Back to Middle School Model

The superintendent first wants more community input.

In a few years, Hoboken may again see a middle school. 

By going back to having a traditional middle school—which used to be the case in Hoboken—Superintendent of Schools Mark Toback at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting proposed organizing the grades by age. Now, students of different ages sometimes have class in the same building. 

But, before anything can happen, Toback said he wants more community input on the proposed measure.

"This is a community decision," Toback said. "It's an idea and that's it."

Currently eighth graders are also housed at . That would no longer be the case if there'd be a middle school in town. 

If the system is changed, grades one through five would probably have class at the . The middle school could be housed at . Grades nine through twelve will remain at the high school. 

If the change is made, it probably wouldn't happen until the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, Toback said. 

pied piper May 17, 2012 at 10:48 AM
Currently, there are 6 public elementary schools to choose from. Parents are never far from a neighborhood school. If the district moves to a k, 1-5, middle school and HS set up, middle and high schoolers can usually walk to school and grades 1-5 will have 4 locations to choose from. Certainly, all children will be within less than a half a mile of any public elementary school, given the 4 options - there would be one school in the 5th ward, one in the 2nd ward, one in the 6th ward and one in the 4th ward. Which is currently, exactly what we have now.
gettheledout44 May 19, 2012 at 10:01 PM
pied piper is wrong AGAIN! stop spreading the misinformation from westfield. the school board meeting is on channel 77 now. it clearly shows a discussion about busing and that the ONLY grade 1-5 school would be Wallace under toback's middle school plan. repeat - only one elementry school under the toback plan. you were at this meeting right pied? you must have been out getting your nicotine fix when these issues were discussed. toback says they can send buses from one school to another without triggering the 2 mile rule. so if you're in the 6th grade and live uptown you can walk to wallace and get the bus to connors. if you're a first grader who lives downtown you have to take a bus to get to wallace. yeah, that's the way to go green. what's dawn got to say about that? and the cost of buying all the buses to truck kids all over town? kids first doesn't care about costs, we know that. pp you moved out of town and put your kids in a new school. so GO AWAY. your kids may be smart (like you bragged at the meeting - it's on the tape) but you are incapable of basic comprehension. but that doesn't stop you from spreading lies and misinformation.
Journey May 24, 2012 at 07:07 PM
What you heard was Mrs. Sullivan bringing up the subject of busing. Dr. To back then discussed various options and said it would be something for the community to discuss. Nice attempt at twisting the facts.
Journey May 24, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Liar. I just watched it. It is interesting that you bring up busing and Mrs. Sullivan brings it up. Mrs. Sullivan whinnied about how far it is to walk from uptown to Conners. I'm a huge supporter of children getting to school with their own feet or a bike. Kids don't get enough exercise as it is. I also must be more fit than Mrs. Sullivan because I walk from Hoboken to the Newport Mall and average 5 miles a day just commuting and other life activies.
Journey May 24, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Don't though stones, it is expensive to replace all that glass. Dr. Toback said that if we provide courtesy students that could walk (based on the state rules about distance and safety) we would have bus all students in Hoboken including private school. If we do shuttle between the schools we will not trigger that expensive consequence.


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