Kids First Changes Ticket for Election; Minutillo Not Running for School Board

School Board member Theresa Minutillo has decided not to seek another term.

Kids First announced its new slate for the School Board elections in November on Monday morning, according to a press release from school board member Ruth McAllister. 

Tom Kluepfel—one of the founders of the Elysian Charter School and the parent of a Hoboken High student—will run on the Kids First ticket. 

Minutillo, whose term was also up and , will not seek another term. 

As of June, Kluepfel was planning to run independently.

Now, he has been added to the Kids First ticket. 

"Although I was saddened to hear that long time friend and colleague Theresa Minutillo decided not to seek re-election, I fully understand the need for her to take this time and focus on her family and career," McAllister wrote. "I certainly appreciate her past efforts and the positive impact she had on the Hoboken Public Schools."

Former school board member Jean Marie Mitchell, who served a one year term before not being re-elected last year, will also be running on the Kids First slate. 

Csp August 17, 2012 at 01:19 PM
So basically your saying because Rose and Irene have lived here all their lives that they should not be on the school board? They have added value because of what they know - They have also bridged the gab between the old and new. They are volunteers -- they do not do it for any other reason then to improve the city of Hoboken - Clearly they love the town - they never left, and many of us do also. I don't see how anyone can equate Volunteerism to Failure. Again, Theresa Minutillo leaves the district having made many incredible, selfless decisions. Hiring Vito Gagliardi and Mr. Davis was by far one of her best! Too very fast thinking, formidable, ethical and meticulous hires! Something the district has never had!
franksinatra August 17, 2012 at 05:50 PM
No, of course I'm not saying that. Everyone has a right to run for and serve on the school board. And of course their knowledge from having always lived here can be valuable. My point is, people voting for KF expecting wholesale reforms--a real push for excellence in the schools, a real focus on cutting and redeploying the huge amount of wasted money in the budget--were always going to be disappointed because Rose and Irene were never going to favor that. Just look at their votes: Rose and Irene virtually never vote for reform when there's a straight-up reform/no reform vote, from what I can see. For Rose, signing on to the dramatic changes that the district needs would mean acknowledging that the schools her kids went through had serious problems. She's not going to admit that. She doesn't have the objectivity, the distance to make the tough decisions. And unfortunately for Hoboken, Rose has the strongest personality on the board--she dominates the board and Theresa and the rest of KF quickly learned not to take her on. So the reform agenda that Theresa ran on was dead and the schools steadily got worse under KF control. As for Theresa, Vito seems to be a good hire but I'd doublecheck on whether she had much to do with that. And Davis was absolutely terrible. At the meetings I saw he was constantly making mistakes, getting numbers mixed up. He certainly didn't help with cutting waste. We could've done much better. But that wasn't Theresa either--Carter brought him in.
lorraine morgan August 31, 2012 at 01:53 PM
let me rephrase that: For TM & RM to be unusually silent at ANY BOE MEETING is so out of character for both.
lorraine morgan August 31, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Oh My ! As a Parent, I do not appreciate Scott's sleepover statement. I believed Mr. Siegel to be a fair person. He really should ask KidsFirst Bd. Member Irene Sobolov about those Parent approved and Parent Attended Sleepovers . Ms. Ohaus was gracious enough to welcome Irene into her home also.
Hi August 31, 2012 at 02:52 PM
The OLD GUARD politicos are desperate to regain control of Hoboken's BOE. That should never be allowed to happen. Knowing that they themselves are too politicaly toxic to the electorate in Hoboken they have enlisted fronts who if elected will do their bidding. The voters have seen those backed bt the same OLD GUARD politicos who claimed to be "independent" are anything but.


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