'Pothole' Tim Occhipinti

I moved to Hoboken in 1985. Although I recently moved, this blog is still primarily my take on Hoboken politics and politricks.

In a recent NJ.com oped, Tim Occhipinti complained that Mayor Zimmer isn’t doing enough to repair Hoboken potholes. What he didn’t say is that she and the reform majority attempted to implement major road improvements in 2012, but 'Pothole' Tim and the minority voted no on the projects. He also claims that no Hoboken roads were paved in 2012. As usual, 'Pothole' Tim’s assertions were wrong and misguided.

For example River St. was paved in 2012:


In 2012, Mayor Zimmer proposed paving three of Hoboken’s main arteries, Sinatra Drive, Observer Highway, Washington St and a portion of Newark St:


The Washington Street ordinance would have included repaving the road, installing modern traffic signals with pedestrian countdown timers, and installing ADA-compliant crosswalks and ramps. I guess by his vote, Tim cares nothing about Hoboken’s disable citizens, and seems to fit in well with his no vote on ADA compliant HOP buses.

Here’s Tim Occhipinti:

"Hoboken's Washington Street -- with its many small businesses and top-notch restaurants -- was designated one of the nation's Top 10 streets by the American Planning Association. But right now, you can't walk across the street without stepping in a pothole. So, if Mayor Zimmer won't step up to get the job done, I will. I just sent a letter to the NJ DOT to convince them of the need to provide funding for this essential 15-block avenue that connects our city."

For Tim to complain about the condition of Washington Street when he voted against it only reinforces my opinion that he is a complete hypocrite and has no understanding of logic or details. Either he can’t remember that he voted no or he has amnesia, neither of which makes him suitable for his position.

The “Observer Boulevard” project included the addition of traffic signals at Park Avenue and Bloomfield Street, new pedestrian crossings and countdown timers, a dedicated left turn lane, a protected two-way cycle track and pedestrian path on the south side of Observer Highway, curb extensions at intersections to reduce crosswalk distances, and the reintroduction of parallel parking on both sides of the street. If Tim had voted yes, Observer would have a "Complete Street,", with bicycle lanes, improved signage and more parking spots.


The Newark Street project involved the creation of a pocket plaza at the corner of Washington Street, expanded sidewalks and protective bollards to separate pedestrians from vehicles, curb extensions at Hudson Street and River Street to reduce pedestrian crossing distances, and the creation of an “all pedestrian” signal phase at Hudson Street to better balance pedestrian crossings with vehicular traffic.

Here’s a list of 2011 paving projects:

  • Second Street (Jackson St. to Harrison St.)
  • 5th St. (Hudson to River Street)
  • Adams Street (14th St. to 15th St.)
  • Clinton St. (14th St. to 15th St.)
  • Monroe Street (8th St. to 11th St.)
  • Madison Street (8th to 11th St.)

10 Hoboken County roads were repaved in 2010:


Occhipinti appears to care nothing about Hoboken, except his political career. When Sandy hit he said:

"There's only so much money that can come from the Federal government... they've gotta bring it from somewhere... the entire Jersey shore coastline was almost destroyed... we had some very terrible devastation ourselves but we're not facing the structural damage of an entire town washed away."

Hoboken homeowners suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Some citizens on ground level or in basement condo lost everything. Instead of fighting and supporting those who suffered damages like Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Tim turned his back on them.

Sandy heavily damaged our HOP buses that serve seniors and many residents. Guess who voted against new buses? That’s right, 'Pothole' Tim Occhipinti.

'Pothole' Tim also proposed that Hoboken should have a zero surplus, so when emergencies like Sandy hit, there would no money for emergency personnel overtime or for emergency repairs.

Over the years Hoboken has paid little attention to its municipal infrastructure, the police, firemen and environmental personnel had worn out equipment or dangerous, unsafe working conditions. Who voted against repairing these faults? Tim Occhipinti.

Hoboken has a successful Corner Car (short term hourly renting). In NJ parking rules can only be made legal by enacting an ordinance. Tim was part of the group who did not follow state law and tried to run the program through resolution, jeopardizing its legal status.

Tim voted against refinancing the Midtown garage costing Hoboken taxpayers almost $5 million.

Tim consistently voted to prevent Hoboken’s hospital (HUMC) from being sold. It went into bankruptcy. If 'Pothole' Tim had his way, HUMC would be gone and over 1,000 people would be out of work. The only thing that saved Hoboken from losing its only hospital and forcing a 125% tax rise was Governor Christie who donated $5 million other taxpayer’s money to rescue the sale.

There is also the unresolved matter of five criminal affidavits resulting from 'Pothole' Tim’s reelection campaign which are in the hands of NJ’s Attorney general. 

Tim has consistently voted in a fiscally and legally reckless manner and hopefully at the next election the 4th Ward will choose someone more suitable than Tim Occhipinti.

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Scott M. Siegel March 22, 2013 at 01:48 PM
Couldn't said it better myself: http://grafixavenger.blogspot.com/2013/03/occhi-pothole.html


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