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For Ninth Year, Philadelphia Eagles Club Brings Slice of Home to Hoboken

The Eagles Club of Hoboken brings people from Philly and South Jersey together to watch the games.

Even after 18 years in Hoboken, Sean Iaquinto is still Philadelphia through and through. 

"Hoboken has been a great second home," he said. But, he added, "my roots are in Philadelphia."

With the start of football season, Iaquinto, 40, is celebrating those roots for the ninth year in a row, with the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. 

The club started in 2004, originally as a group of friends who liked to watch the Eagles. Just ten to twelve regulars at Far Side. 

Since then, the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken has grown to about 100 attendees per game. It has become a way for people from Philadelphia and South Jersey to meet a lot of their own, Iaquinto said. It's also a way to make new Hoboken residents from that area feel welcome, Iaquinto added. 

"It's definitely a social experience," Iaquinto said. Multiple marriages and relationship came out of the club.

The Eagles fans gather at for all the games, and Iaquinto himself will serve $2 drafts to the attendees.

Being in the New York area—and thus in Giants and Jets territory—has provided multiple challenges. 

"We try to make the bar our little oasis," Iaquinto said. Especially when playing one of the New York teams—such as Sunday when the Eagles played the Jets—the club members try to stay among themselves.

"We're behind enemy lines," Iaquinto said. But, watching the Eagles at Mulligan's, "it's a little slice of home." 

Iaquinto also writes a blog in town, Philly2Hoboken, and is in charge of the Phillies club of Hoboken. 

LetsGoMets September 10, 2012 at 12:15 PM
When the eagles fall to last place like the Phillies did, will Mulligans become home for Philadelphia Union?
mrvrnj421 September 10, 2012 at 03:20 PM
A bar full of the worst kind of sports fans in the whole country...fantastic


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